Monday, 1 August 2011


We all have days when we need a boost, days when we are feeling down on ourselves, days when life just make you want to scream. But all you got to do is smile & try to see the positive side of a negative situation. Easier said than done? Yeah you're right it is, but once you start doing it, it will amaze you how easy it becomes.

We only get one chance to make our life what we want and nothing is unachievable. Set goals and do what ever it takes to reach them, start with simple ones & once you reach them go for one a little bit more challenging.

I've set my self some goals in the last few weeks and they feel almost impossible at this stage, but I know once I'm out of here they will be alot easier to grasp. They are:

  • Move away from the valley.
  • Start & complete my OH&S study
  • Get a full time job is safety
  • Learn to fish
  • Learn to drive a manual (I can already, just some trouble going down in gears)



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