Saturday, 20 August 2011

10 Things That Make Me Happy

Accoding to alot of blogs I follow, It's good to remind your self of the things in your life that make you happy.

. Friends, old ones, new ones, they all make me happy!

2. Compliments, and I've been getting alot lately. Goes to show a positive attitude does great things
3. A book I can't put down, there has been many!
4. Pete, even when we do fight I still seem to look back on the funny side of things.
5. All my new shoes, I own way to many!!
6. Kieley! She by far makes me the happiest! I find it difficult to be unhappy around the little terror
7. Chocolate Milk!!!
8. My Iphone
9. Reading comments on my blog from my lovely readers.
10. Stupid day time sit-coms!!!

What are 10 things that make you happy?



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