Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Trip to Sydney

What a bloody drive...Crazy, long, boring drive!!! So as many of you know I road-tripped to Sydney last Thursday. There was 2 reasons I went to Sydney and the first one was to attend the Defqon.1 Hardstyles Festival, and the second reason was to visit my best mate Em. So I thought I would share my trip up there in photos and fill you in on the other fantastic stuff in coming posts.

We left Inverloch at about 7:30am and got to Sydney about 7:30pm so it was a long time in the car with many stops. I tried my best to take a photo at each stop.

With the car packed and ready to go, The sun shining down on us and a quick fuel stop we hit the road and headed to our first stop in Morwell/Traralgon only an hour away!

An hour in the car with a big dog is an hour to long in my books! So we dropped him off at the Eastside Kennels in Flynn before hitting the road again at 9am!

That's right... Maccas! About 10:30am we stopped in Bairnsdale for a cheeseburger!

Stop to stretch the legs in Lakes Entrance about 11am. Such a beautiful place!

Drove from Lakes Entrance straight to Cann River before heading to Bombala. Cann River is an odd place. This was out last stop before heading into NSW.

Toilet stop in Bombala, Stretch of the legs... Hmmm.... It was so peaceful out here.

Half way there and its time to stop for a late lunch! Nimmitable Bakery is the best bakery I have ever been to! If you get the chance please stop in and grab a pie. YUMMM

So we didn't really stop for a long while after the last stop. Straight through Cooma and Canberra before stopping in Williamsdale... And there is nothing here except these 2 photos.

Our very last stop was Goulburn and this is what Goulburn is famous for. A giant ummmmmmm Sheep?
From here we went straight to Holsworthy where we were staying! I hope you enjoyed my photos!


Vee said...

It sounds like your trip was quite good fun although such a long drive! I loved Lakes Entrance while I was there and I did spend some time camping at Cann River and enjoyed it but not much to do there! Nice post, thanks for sharing. :)

Dani said...

Thank you Vee, It was a lovely trip. And thankyou for reading, I do apologise for the lack of posts lately, ive been so busy trying to set my life up


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