Saturday, 14 January 2012


(aka Panna, aka Pannadise)


Where to start, There is so much and so little to say about Panna. To all of you who know me personally you will know I am currently working in Western Australia in a little iron-ore mining town called Pannawonica that is located in the Pilbra region, about 200km south-west of Karratha.

In all seriousness this place is now my home. For how long? I have no idea. Im working on a 2&1 FIFO(Fly in/Fly out) roster, and lets be frank it works for me! 

What do I think of Panna?? Hmmm Well it's alright, I mean it is a beautiful place, so very different than home. It is a whole new lifestyle here, a totally different world than any I've been in before. When I am up here it is almost like the outside world doesnt exsist. No news, no PEAK HOUR traffic, no rude obnoxious anal barstards (Most the time anyway). The people up here seem pretty normal, but they sure do have their fair share of hillbillys. I know this may sound like a bunch of ramble mumbo jumbo, but when I think of Panna these are the things that come to my head.

And of course, how am I liking work? Work is work, It's a job, it pays the bills. I work with an awesome crew of guys and girls, most defiently one of the best crews I have had the pleasure of working with in a while.

So for now I'll share some photos just to keep it simple as I am sitting in my Dad's office, Just knocked off work and really needing a feed.

I've never been a huge fan of planes,
but with this job I guess it's part of the package

A positive thing about Panna is the
sunsets. This one was on my birthday
and it was beautiful to say the least.

Welcome to Panna airport!

Cyclone Season in Panna

Bronx the rabbit

Pannadise Sunset again!

Saturday, 15 October 2011


Howdy...As I haven't been updating my blog very much recently I have a lot to catch up on. I'd like to take you back about a month to when I went to DEFQON1 in NSW. For all of you who don't know what Defqon1 is I will explain below:

DEFQON1 is a music festival held in Penrith at the Sydney International Regatta Center. DEFQON1 is more then just great music ,lights and outrageous stage setups, It's a way of life . DEFQON1 is representing and promoting awareness of the large amounts of waste and scrap that is being dumped all over the world all the while pumping out some of the hardest styles of dance music going around.

The best way to share my experiance is to share my photos with you all. Words can not discribe the amazing day I had with amazing friends and amazing music.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Australian Airlines!

To my friends, family and anyone else who happens to fall across my blog,

As many of you may know I am now living in Mandurah, Western Australia. I moved here on Friday 30th September from Victoria. A big move has been something I have been wanting to do for a long time and that time finally came! But not without it's dramas...

Friday morning I woke bright and early ready to hit the road to the airport. 2 suitcases and 2 carry on bags in tow and off we went but from the moment I woke I had a really bad feeling something was going to go wrong. Everyone told me it was all going to be fine, but if only they knew how wrong they really were!!!

We arrived at the airport at 12:30pm, checked in my 2 suitcases and headed off for a little wander about before having to board my flight at 1:30pm. (Let me add here that my parents and Pete came to the airport to see me off). I was amazed and relieved when everything was running on time and told Pete and my parents I would be fine to board the plane and they could head off back home.

Feeling confident I boarded the plane, took my seat and off we went into the sky at 1:45pm and scheduled. At this stage I was feeling so relaxed to know that strange feeling I was having that morning must have been just nerves...Until... 2:30pm when we were informed out plane would be turning around and heading back to Melbourne due to an air hostess feeling unwell! .... Ummmm WHAT!?!?! .....

We arrived back at Melbourne about 3:00pm. (I think for a while there they were doing circles and not telling us what was going on). Where was I?!?! Oh yes, We arrived back in Melbourne about 3:00pm only to be told we would be heading off again in about half an hour, they just needed to re-fuel the plane, Only to be told 10 minutes later we would be disembarking the plane and getting put onto other airlines.

(I will try and make this long story short from here)

We all disembarked the plane, collected out luggage, lined up at Jetstar's service desk to find out if we would be on a Quantas or Virgin flight. This took about an hour, Once at the front of the line I found out I would be on a Virgin flight at 8:30pm that night. Once over at the Virgin terminal I checked in my bags only to find out I would have to pay an extra $290 for my excess luggage!!! (I had already paid for this with jetstar prior to this day)... Unhappy was an understatement! I was a mess, Stressed, Crying(Yep I am a sook) and angry!... But I done what had to be done, paid my excess and hung around the airport until it was time to go.

I didn't think my luck could get any worse at this point, but it did!! I boarded my flight with Virgin at 8:00pm, flew off at 8:30pm. Flight was lovely, we arrived in Perth on time and I was greeted by my 2 Aunties. Feeling relaxed that it was all over I waited for my bags to come out on the belt, Only to receive one of my suitcases... F#&! was about the only thing going through my mind, I was shattered that something else had gone wrong. But in the long run I received my bag back 2 days later, It had somehow got put onto a Sydney flight and had to be put onto a new flight to be returned to me.

So that's my story about my trip, life is always an adventure for me! :) I'm now happy and settled at my Aunties house, laying on my bed and writing this post... (I do apologise for no pictures but as this is such a long post I thought it may be a bit to much)

Sunday, 25 September 2011

So Sorry!

Once again I need to say Sorry!!!!
I am very busy with organising my move, I will be back up and running in about a week. So please just hang in there!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Trip to Sydney

What a bloody drive...Crazy, long, boring drive!!! So as many of you know I road-tripped to Sydney last Thursday. There was 2 reasons I went to Sydney and the first one was to attend the Defqon.1 Hardstyles Festival, and the second reason was to visit my best mate Em. So I thought I would share my trip up there in photos and fill you in on the other fantastic stuff in coming posts.

We left Inverloch at about 7:30am and got to Sydney about 7:30pm so it was a long time in the car with many stops. I tried my best to take a photo at each stop.

With the car packed and ready to go, The sun shining down on us and a quick fuel stop we hit the road and headed to our first stop in Morwell/Traralgon only an hour away!

An hour in the car with a big dog is an hour to long in my books! So we dropped him off at the Eastside Kennels in Flynn before hitting the road again at 9am!

That's right... Maccas! About 10:30am we stopped in Bairnsdale for a cheeseburger!

Stop to stretch the legs in Lakes Entrance about 11am. Such a beautiful place!

Drove from Lakes Entrance straight to Cann River before heading to Bombala. Cann River is an odd place. This was out last stop before heading into NSW.

Toilet stop in Bombala, Stretch of the legs... Hmmm.... It was so peaceful out here.

Half way there and its time to stop for a late lunch! Nimmitable Bakery is the best bakery I have ever been to! If you get the chance please stop in and grab a pie. YUMMM

So we didn't really stop for a long while after the last stop. Straight through Cooma and Canberra before stopping in Williamsdale... And there is nothing here except these 2 photos.

Our very last stop was Goulburn and this is what Goulburn is famous for. A giant ummmmmmm Sheep?
From here we went straight to Holsworthy where we were staying! I hope you enjoyed my photos!

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