Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Letter to Jessica

Dear Jessica,

It's been 11 months since you left us. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you in someway.  

Your photo sits in my lounge room, your smile makes me smile each and everyday.
I look at your photo and hear your dorky laugh, this makes me giggle each and everyday.
I see your hair dyed dark, you trying to hide your natural colour, this makes me laugh each and everyday.
I look at your photo and I see my baby cousin who had grown into a beautiful young woman, this makes me miss you each and everyday.

Photos and memories are all that's left, it will never be enough but its all we have. Just because I don't cry anymore doesn't mean I don't miss you, I've just learnt to turn negative emotions into positive ones. So when ever I think of you I smile, smile at the thought of you loving all this attention, smile at the thought of you watching over all of us.

I hope you are loving being 18 forever, partying it up and smiling down on all of us!
Miss you to the moon and back one thousand times Little Miss.

Love you


Jaki said...

Beautiful xoxo

Aliice said...

This is amazing... !!!!

Dani said...

Thanks Alice.

Dani xx

Cassandre Bladier said...

Wow absoloutley beautiful. Defiantly hit the spot. Miss u jess xooxxox


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