Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Turning Positive

Being positive about life is a choice, A choice I've made recently. Even on those dark-stormy-grey days I've promised my self to pick out the positives and focus on them, no matter how big or small they are. I believe this is a healthy attitude to have.

I've came up with a bit of a list I can refer back to:

No.1 PUT MY SELF FIRST FOR A WHILE. It's time to focus on all my own needs rather than tending to everyone else. We are all guilty of putting other peoples needs ahead of our own & we sometimes forget who number 1 really is...!

No.2 DO ALL THE SILLY SIMPLE FUN THINGS THAT MAKE ME HAPPY. Singing in the shower. Watching 80&90s sitcoms. Styling my hair in silly hair styles. Reading gossip mags. Covering all tables with bright coloured material. Smiling at randoms. Reading those little inspirational coffee table books.

NO.3 WRITING THINGS DOWN. Whether it's a journal or my blog, I love to share things. Creating a safe place I can come to when I need to get away from the pressure of daily life.

NO.4 MAKE SOMEONE SMILE DAILY. It's simple.. Just to see someone smile is a great gift.

NO.5 LISTEN TO MY BODY. This is an important one. I always ignore what my body asks for. It's time to get healthy, A healthy body leads to a healthy mind and Visa Versa. 7-8 hours sleep a night, the perfect balance! Most of all to drink alot more water!!!

NO.6 STOP PUTTING SO MUCH IMPORTANCE ON MONEY. I've always put way to much importance on money & it's definitely a big stress in my life. It is possible to live our lives regardless of the status of our wallets. I'm not saying I don't need or want money. I just don't want it to be the most important thing in my life anymore

NO.7 NOT BEING AFRAID TO MAKE MISTAKES. I'm not perfect, not at all! I make mistakes alot, but I learn from them quick. I've accepted that there is going to be alot more mistakes in my life time. They make me who I am!

So my plan is to cherish the moment, and appreciate all the small things in life. I want to watch the sunrise in the mornings and smell ocean at dusk. I know some people will think I'm sounding like "strawberry shortcake" or one of the "care bears" but I no longer care what others think. It's my life and I've only got this one chance to live it {and I'm going to live it my way}



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