Tuesday, 16 August 2011


You know that feeling when you are looking at old photos and you just wish you could go back to that moment? We all do it, but reality is there's no turning back.

If it was possible, these are the moments I'd love to go back and relive:

Thursday nights out with all the girls, Seriously these were some of the best nights I can ever remember.
I'm still in shock when I think of some of the things we got up to!!!

RYE.... Seriously I miss each and everyone of the people in these pictures. Even Emily and Tash who are still in Australia! Yogev, Amir, Kobi, Chicko & Shaun. Serious the best bunch of guys I have ever met! I miss being up the carnival with them. Thank god for facebook, Keeps everyone connected.

The Billy's boy's! I miss them everyday I'm not in Bali, Always feel like I missing so much in their lives. I'm forever getting messages saying they are getting married, having babies etc. Gecko, Ricky & Nick you 3 guys are the BEST!!! Wow still can't believe I've known Gecko for almost 10 years!!! This trip in the photos is one I always wish I could go back to. It was all about fun and friends. Even if my dad did sell me to 3 Balinese! haha
Still on the topic of Bali, I've had some wonderful holidays there. These holidays were spent with my great family, numerous friends & the latest trip was with my boyfriend Pete. Each one I wish I could go back to for different reasons!!
The first time I ever went to Bali was about a year after the Bali bombings. Everyone was worried about us traveling there but I'm so glad we did. It was an amazing eye opener to how other people live. We stayed at Dynasty Resort and met some wonderful people who I still see around the place to this day. Yoji, who was a pool boy there now lives in Australia with his wife and child. Froggy another pool boy is a dad of a few and I've seen him around on previous trips. Also Luke, The first Australian guy we met in Bali, We are still in contact to this day.

This next photo was a trip with Sam, We had a ball, ran a muck and made great friends who I think neither of us will ever forget. Stayed at the Bounty Hotel in Kuta, I was 18 on this trip and Sam got to celebrate her 18th while we were here! Talk about celebrating in style. The hangovers are something I wish I could forget from this time.

This was 100% a trip of a life time. Speaking about hangovers on the previous trip had nothing on this one. I refused to drink alcohol for about 12 months when I returned from this trip. Very hazzy to remember much. Alot of late nights sitting down the beach with Nick and Gecko. Lots of drinking are partying with Jerrie. As well is my brothers getting jumped by a gang at one of the night clubs! Speak about fun, This was one crazy trip I promise you all that much!

To Be Continued....



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