Monday, 22 August 2011

Sunshine & Weekend Adventures

What beautiful weather we have had over the weekend!!! It's wonderful to have a taste of Spring/Summer, and it surely is getting everyone out and about. The Boyfriend and I went down to Melbourne on Sunday, Checked out the Zoo with about 2000 other people (very busy day at the Zoo),  Went and had a play at the Casino (No we did not win), Wonderful dinner at The Pub at Crown and chocolate fondant dessert at Leftbank (OMG)!

Right now the sun is shining again, I can hear it calling my name. So it is time to close the lap top, go outside and get my daily dose of Vitimin D! I'll leave you all with some photos from my lovely day out yesterday.

Now get out in the sunshine!!!


Anonymous said...

watch out! That emu is gonna get ya!


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