Thursday, 4 August 2011


UPDATE: Car is all fixed! YAY!!!!!

Yesterday was a disaster & the trip to the airport never actually happened. {Insert sad face here}

What in fact did happen was my car completely shit itself! It's no exaggeration when I say my beloved method of transport died in the arse about 47 times(give or take). 

We left home at approx 2pm, got an hour away when my car decided to start playing up really badly, U-turn on the freeway & back home we go....very slowly....Finally returning to Morwell about 5pm. The funny part is once we got the car into Morwell it gave up altogether about 20 metres from a car wreckers. (Trust me at this point I was very tempted to do what you are thinking)

Car is now in the "shop" getting fixed, well I'm hoping it is getting fixed. I don't really have the best knowledge about car's but from what I've heard it could be a number of things. eg. fuel pump, injectors & even the alternator. 

I'm proud to say today is a new day and I'm not letting this minor set back get me down! Nothing is going to hide the smile on my face!!!!

This may be a little to happy for some people who know me
but I'm trying to focus on positive things.
Life is to damn NEGATIVE!



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