Thursday, 11 August 2011

10 Things I love today

1. Adele Im loving Adele's music! Her CD has been playing in my car all day

2. Dark Nail Polish Black nail polish for the weekend (Yes Please)

3. Kieley My niece is always making me smile!

4. Sleep-in's 12:30pm! Yes thats a sleep in I needed!

5. Toasted Sandwich's Ham and Cheese yes please!!!

6. Old Friends Still smiling from catching up with 3 good friends yesterday!

7. Instagram Dont't know what I'd do without this App!

8. Trackie Pants Lazy day in comfy pants!

9. Hair Dye I miss my bright red hair, So I'm attempting to get it back

10. New Shoes 3 pairs in 1 week?!?! Excitment overload!

What do you love today?....


Anonymous said...

I love 20 minute neck and shoulder massages at the shopping complex AND Dani of cantik redzee because she is so wonderfully talented and creative.

Dani said...

Thank you to who ever this is :)


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