Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Im not a girly-girl, not now, not ever! The idea of wearing a dress scares TERRIFIES the hell out of me & trying to buy one scares me even more. Yes!! I have to buy a dress today. I'm nervous, confused & scared!!!

How silly, Every other girl there will be in a dress. Hopefully with the help of my closest friend Stacey I will be able to pull this one off(dress pants and a top is an option if all else fails). I don't think turning up to an engagement party in jeans and a hoody is really acceptable. {Damn it!}

I'm also not the right body type for dresses, so once again another problem. I don't believe in the "body types" (Pear, hourglass etc), I don't fit into any of these categories & no really if I think about it nobody I know does!!!

I am a little excited I will admit because it's not often an occasion like this comes around, also it will be a good chance to see old friends before I leave for Perth. {2 Birds with 1 stone}

So please wish me heaps of luck, as I know I'm going to need it. I will post photos tonight. (Don't expect to see heels, I'm planning on NOT breaking my legs!)

Much love xxxx


Anonymous said...

How'd you go finding a dress?

Dani said...

I went very well! New post above with photos. =o)


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