Friday, 26 August 2011

How can we be expected to decide between right and wrong ...

...when we can’t even decide what to have for dinner?

Answer me this; Who decides what is right or wrong? The government, tradition, religion, Queen, culture, our families, ourselves? When you are young it's our parents, teachers and other grown-ups. They believe there decisions will make us a good person and help us get on in the world. But throughout our lives we will be put in situations, learn our own lessons and make mistake which make us question certain rules.

Later in life it's the government, tradition & culture. But the problem is obeying rules doesn't always work. Good people make bad choices and bad people can make good choices, no one is perfect and it's just the way the world works. Who can say they have never done something "wrong" to satisfy others?

When it comes to the government I believe we do have to follow laws, rules and regulations. These are for our own good and to keep ourselves out of trouble. Why do we do this? For some, Because of the fear of fines, prison etc. We follow the law so we don't get punished, Just like we followed our parents/teachers rules. For most the law is a set of rules, by which we as a society agree to abide, which then allows us to function as a group.

Personally I believe I have a good idea of what is right and wrong when it comes to family & society, But this is not something alot of people understand.The fact is that the line between right and wrong has become so blurred today that many people wonder if there is a difference anymore.

No one will ever come up with a concrete conclusion to how we can decide between them. It sounds so simple, but if you sit down and think about it, all the fundamentals, its very complex. And as much as people say there is a right and wrong choice in every situation, I believe there is also alot of grey area.

What is your take on this??



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