Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Memories cont...

Anyone got a Time Machine??...

The Pom... One of my best male friends! Miss the days when he was in Australia and we would go out and run a muck! I am so happy for him and his little "Family" (girlfriend and her son). Can't wait to get my arse over there and run a muck on his turf!!

Random Melbourne trips on any night of the week! Pffft... who cared about work, kids, partners?? None of us did back then... PLEASE turn back the clock, just for another night like this!!!!!

Please find me that time machine!! Does anyone know where it is??  The things I would do to have one more magically night at Kryal castle. Just one night. Words can not describe how magically this place is filled with great music, people and lights. No other event has even been close to this one (for me personally).

Last but not least I wish I could go back to simple times, Times I didn't have to worry about ANYTHING serious. Times when I could randomly call a friend and organise a road trip somewhere and be at the destination the same day! But I've got to accept these times have gone and I'm sure we will all have many more just as wonderful ones. I've really enjoyed reminiscing. I hope those of you who remember any of these times have also.


Anonymous said...

I love you and I love your blog it's makes me think of all the fun shit we did back in the day xx

Dani said...

Thank you. Lol even tho I have no idea who is loving me so much


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