Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Why I Started Blogging?

I started my blog when I ran across A Quirky Girls Thoughts, I fell in love immediately. Jacques blog looked like fun, I had to find my own way, a powerful way to tell/scream out my own stories, A space to write what ever flows out of me. So that is what I did, I found a place were I could say what ever I wanted when ever I wanted, while keeping 1 thing in mind; "If people don't like what I have to say, They don't have to read it".

Another reason behind why I started to blog was stress relief or a type of therapy I guess you could say. Lets put it this way, I can't sleep very well at night time, My mind starts to go 100 miles an hour. I think about anything and everything to the point that I am wide awake. It's amazing that typing out my incoherent ramblings night after night can actually help me sleep.

All I have left to say is that I promise to keep this space, my space, as honest as possible. I'll always speak my mind, have my own opinion and share my own stories. I can only hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy sharing them.

(Please take a moment to check out Quirky Girls blog! Jacque is amazing, so positive and vibrant. I idolize this woman, her out look on life. When ever I am feeling down the first thing is I is check out whats new. Seriously she is just amazing!!!)



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