Friday, 5 August 2011

100 Random Facts About Me

100 Random Things About Me

1. I {heart} being a Red-Head
2. I believe in ghosts
3. Water makes me thirsty!!!
4. Cleaning is therapeutic to me
5. My family is my world
6. Love songs make me smile
7. I'm a Gleek!
8. I hide money and forget where it is an hour later.
9. I don't like pink
10. I’m trying to except myself, imperfections and all. 
11. I lack patience
12. I care to much
13. Addicted to red-bull
14. Love cheeseburgers
15. Gossip lover!
16. Use exclamations points excessively!!!!!!!!!!
17. Dislikes peas
18. Taking photos of random objects makes me happy.
19. Obsessed with elephants
20. I'd like to hear the words "I love you" someday.
21. I {heart} headbands and hats
22. I'm always early and never late!
23. I'd prefer text's over phone-calls
24. I have way to many spiral notebooks
25. I actually like my braces
26. Cows scare me
27. I want a pet frog named Larry
29. I love sleep
30. But wish I never needed sleep
31. I use to have lots of pet rocks
32. I want kids someday but the idea of pregnancy and giving birth scare the hell out of me.
33. Only ever broken 1 bone! (my finger)
34. Prefer a book over a kindle
35. Prefer CD's over Ipods and MP3 players
36. I own alot of nick nacks
37. I usually have a chocolate stash
38. Op shops are AMAZING!
39. I had to many teeth, 5 more than most people.
40. I hoard clothing! Just can't throw any out
41. Don't know my dress size(because I don't own dresses)
42. Get embarrassed very easily.
43. I believe trust should be earned
44. I talk alot
45. And I talk very fast
46. Im glued to my Iphone4
47. I own an elephant, orangutan & turtle teddy
48. I know I should follow my heart career wise but keep chickening out
49. I want to own a house before im 35
50. I feel more at home in Bali than in Australia
51. Love everything corny and romantic, just makes me feel awkward
52. Can be a bitch
53. Scared of the dark 
54. I can wake my self up from a bad dream
55. Can't even stay still when I'm asleep
56. I wish I could fit in with all my high school friends
57. Don't think before I speak
58. Can't walk in heels
59. Can't make a fist
60. Loves chocolate milk
61. I find driving along the coast relaxing
62. Scared to swim at the beach
63. Middle child
64. I'm an aunty to the most beautiful girl in the world
65. The only part of a chicken I'll eat is the breast
66. I get excited about family occasions
67. I love christmas
68. I {heart} pillows
69. I can count my good friends on 2 hands
70. I stress out alot!!!
71. Green is my favorite colour
72. Addicted to instagram(iphone app)
73. Has always been one of the boys!
74. I want to own a bull terrier one day
75. I sometimes get upset when I don't meet someones expectaions
76. Can't lie to save my self
77. I dislike alcohol, makes me feel sick.
78. I'm opinionated
79. Allergic to morphine
80. I cried in Milo & Otis
81. And musicals make me smile.
82. I don't know how to cast a fishing rod
83. & I feel sorry when someone catches a fish
84. I don't watch sport on T.V
85. But I love my football teams!!! (Richmond)
86. I think "what if?" way to much
87. I'd love to backpack
88. I love anything lame...
89. I believe if you think positive, positive things will happen
90. Want to own a time machine so I can meet my grandparents
91. I believe in Karma..!
92. I get sidetracked very easy!
93. I want to win tattslotto but never actually play 
94. I like to drive no where! Just drive
95. My mind never shuts off
96. I smell everything
97. I can be very anti-social when I'm feeling down.
98. I love the hindu religion, but I'm not religious
99. I respect peoples beliefs
100. I don't know how to dress girly!!!!



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