Thursday, 25 August 2011

Mandurah Update

I'll admit, I've been slack with updating you all with my plans of moving interstate. I'm so very sorry! I've been flat out trying to organise everything, engagement parties, day trips, catching up with family and much more. Now I just have to find where to start...

My flight is booked as many of you know by facebook. I'll be flying with Jetstar on Friday the 30th September and yes I know this is AFL grand final weekend (as I got informed 10 minutes after booking my ticket by my best mate Stacey). Lucky for me I my wonderful Aunty Vicky has offered to pick me up from the airport and offered to let me stay with her for a little while. I really did not want to be a hassle on anyone, but trying to find a house from here is becoming impossible (to say the least)!

Another exciting thing (well exciting to me) is that my Dad has offered to pay for my car to get freighted over!! This is not only saving us alot of money, he has also found a boutique courier that is willing to let me pack my car full of all my lovely belongings! 99% of couriers say no to allowing you to pack your car, So this is a huge bonus!!!!

Now all there is to do it organise, pack and visit everybody before I go. So if you want to see me and I haven't already contacted you PLEASE do!! (I'm so forgetful lately)

[Edit to Post] Note: As something has came up, I am no longer able to stay with my Aunty Vicky at this stage. So its time to try and find somewhere new. STRESS levels are up!!!! Wish me luck



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