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The people who make my life whole...
My family ❤ includes my Mum & Dad, Who without I'd be pretty stuffed. They always support me no matter what silly ideas I come up with. I can't say I've been the easiest child to bring up, but I can't say I was the worst neither. I think I'm pretty lucky to have two wonderful parents I can talk to about anything, at anytime.

Next in line would be my brothers T.J. & Trent. T.J. who is my older brother would be one of the most focused and headstrong people in my life, always willing to tell me how it is, even if I think he's being a total jerk! But he is a wonderful Dad to my beautiful niece Kieley. (wow it sounds strange writing it down, my brother is a DAD).

Trent is my not so little, younger brother. He towers over me, So it's a bit hard to feel like a big sister when I break my neck to look at him. He is very switched on for his age and could already set him self up for life. Very hard not to be proud of him(but no one tell him I said that).

My family cont ❤ there is 3 other very important people in my family, who have all made a big impact on my life. Dee is my older brothers partner and hopefully my sister-in-law in the near future! (Yes I'm as I'm as impatient as she is) She is also the mother to my gorgeous niece who I adore more than life. Dee is a great Mum, Friend and Family member, We are surely very lucky she came along though what she see's in T.J. I will never know! (shhhhh don't tell him)

Little Miss Kieley, So much I could say about her, but I would bore you all to death I'm sure. I'm so happy to be an Aunty to such a beautiful, cheeky, amazing little Miss. She has a smile that lights up a room and attitude to boot! Credit where credit is due to her great parents!

Last but surely not least is Sam, The sister I never had, or even knew I wanted until she moved in to our family home about 4 years ago. Not only is she the sister I never had, But she is one of my closest friends. The type you can share anything with while knowing you wont be judged. Scary movies, Name calling, Sleep overs... All the things sister would do, and we have had out fair share of fighting too!

So you want to have a Sneek Peek inside my door..? Well go ahead, but make it quick..

CD Collection
Call me old fashion but CD's are my preference, I own a ipod/iphone, But nothing beats owning CD's.
  • Glee (All Volumes)
  • 101 Hit's (90's, 00's)
  • Diva's
  • Songs fron the 100 best Australian albums
  • 101 Power Ballads

Book Shelf
I love to read, and just like the CD's above, I love books. I have always been a little proud of my bookshelf full of books. This from a girl who would not even read her english homework in highschool. How times change!
  • The Intimate Adventures of a London Callgirl (Bell De Jour)
  • A Million Little Pieces (James Frey)
  • The Grey Man (John Curtis)
  • Fractured (Ruth Dee)
  • Sugarbabe (Holly Hill)
  • The Sunday Smuggler (Christopher V.V Parnell)
  • Hidden (Cathy Glass)
To Be Continued...

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