Thursday, 8 September 2011

Dangerous Dog?

Howdy Dudey...Lets get all the "How are you? Good thanks, Hope you have been having a lovely time" stuff out of the way. Okay so now we have covered all that lets get to something that is bothering me! Yes, you are right, I'm about to take part in a RANT post. Beware, because you have been warned.

Let's set the scene for shits and giggles. It was a bright sun shiny day with birds chirping, flowers blossoming and the waves gently crashing on the soft white sandy beaches of Inverloch. (Truth be told I don't recall if any of that was true, but just go with it okay!)

It's 7:50am and I'm nicely curled up in my big warm bed when I get woken from my slumber by a loud "KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK BANG" on the front door. Jumping out of bed with messy bed hair and twisted PJs I answered the door to find the strangely happy postman standing there with his scooter helmet on and a letter in his hand. Not even bothering to ask what the letter is I sign my name, collect the letter and close the door. (I'm not the politest person when I've been woken up)

I walk to the lounge, throw the letter on the couch, grab a drink from the fridge and take Quinta (the dog) out to the toilet before I return to the couch to open the letter.
This is where we get to the start of my rant:

Breach of Duty

Dear Peter & Danielle

I believe you have breached your duty as a tentant because people walking past the property are getting scared as the dog is barking continously at them.

The loss or damage caused is interference with peace. You have used the premises in a way that caused interference with the peace, comfort and privacy of the neighbours.

I require you to remedy the breach within 14 days after receiving this notice by having the dog registered as a dangerous dog because of the breed.

Okay! Here we go... This letter is the most ridiculous thing I have ever received in the mail for a number of reasons. First of all DOGS DO BARK!!!! Just because we own a big dog and he has a bigger bark than our neighbours little yapper does not make him dangerous. To all those who are reading and don't know our dog he is a Rottweiler cross Doberman and his name is Quinta.

I bet some of you are thinking that maybe he should be registered as a dangerous dog because of his breed, But we have looked into it and have found out that he would have had to of attacked, chased or intended to attack someone to be classed dangerous.

I just can't get my mind around who would complain that we owned a dangerous dog because he barked??? The neighbours? Well if it was them then there is some serious issues there! Each and every morning they walk out on their belcony, which does cause Quinta to bark.... But.... He barks because everytime he does they give him a treat! YES a treat!!!!! They are rewarding him for barking at them. Mind you may I add he sits on our back step and waiting for them, then he has to sit before he gets his treat.

I know this rant is a bit of a muddled up pile of dog poop (haha), But I really needed to get it out of my system. I just wish people could mind their own business and not judge a book by its cover or in this case a dog by it's bark!!! I will keep you all updated on how we go seeming we can't register him as a dangerous dog... Wish us Luck!!!



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