Monday, 25 July 2011

Operation Ocean Scapegoat?...

..."What is it?" I hear you ask. It is a life changing road trip, seachange & risk I'm willing to take to sort out my life!

I've started this blog to keep a record, as well as supply useful information about traveling from Victoria to WA by car. Yes, I know alot of people would be saying "Why drive?", "Fly you crazy girl!", but I need my car and the drive across the Nullarbor is something I've always wanted to do. We live in a beautiful sun kissed country, Why not check it all out at any chance we are given?!?

The plan so far (subject to change slightly) is to leave my iceburg of a home 2 hours S/E of Melbourne and try and get the first leg done and arrive in Adelaide on the same day/night. The plan so far goes something like this:

Ocean Scapegoat
To sucsessfully drive from the Victorian
coast to the Western Australian coast.

Leaving 4am-5am
260km= 3 hours driving time
Hours stop to visit Family.

Ballarat-Adelaide via Western Hwy and Dukes Hwy
615km= 8 hours
Arriving 7pm-8pm

Day 2
Spend some time around Adelaide
Adelaide-Port Augusta
308km= 4 hours

Day 3
Port Augusta-Ceduna
465km= 5 Hours
This is the start of the Nullarbor, Will be time to stock up on supplies and get a good nights rest before the long drive of nothingness that lays ahead.

Day 4
There is a few possibilities for this leg of the trip, But for the moment this one seems the friendly one! The Nullarbor is going to be a very boring, long drive.
760km= 8 hours

Day 5
620km= 7 hours

Day 6
660km= 8 hours
Destination Reached!

So I know this sounds long and so many people have said "I done it in 2 days", "3 days max" but this is MY trip & I want to take my time and enjoy it, plus I'll have plenty of useful information to share here with others wanting to do the trip.

Dani xx



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