Monday, 25 July 2011

The first post is..

..the hardest!

I've been creating this blog all day, and now that I finally have it up and running I thought it was the perfect time to click that "New Post" button..! I will be the first to admit I had NO IDEA how I was going to start this off. Hi, Hello, Welcome, G'day...?  

So here we are, I've clicked the dreaded "New Post" button and officially popped my blogging cherry. As doing so I believe now is the perfect time to tell a little about my self and the reasons for this blog. (Yes I do apologize in advance for the ramble that will happen below, I'll make it as basic as possible)

A good introduction to someone would usually be their name, so I'll go with that. The name my parents gave me on that wonderful day I came into this world, the day all their dreams came true and the day my Mum had to endure pain just to have a life time of happiness with her baby girl. On the 30th of November in 1987, the last day of Spring (sometimes wish she crossed her legs and waited a few more hours) and the night before Summer, I made my grand entrence into this strange world and began my life with the name Danielle.

Danielle is not the simple name many people believe it is. Mum had named me Danielle because she liked the name Dani, But it took close to 20 years before Dani stuck and people started using it. Dani was simple and easy unlike Danielle, The mispronounciation of my name always drove Mum crazy. I remember as a kid hearing her correct teachers/family/friends when they would pronounce my name Dan-yell. "Her name is Dan-E-L" mum would say emphasizing the importance of the E and L, "Not Dani-Yell" she would finally finish with. I'd answer to any name as a kid, and I still do now as long as I think that I'm the one being spoken too.  

So please choose to call me what ever you like, Be it Dani, Dan, Danielle or anything to do with my lovely natural hair colour which is RED! But I'm guessing you may have already guessed that from the name of this blog. (May I add here that I've heard them all, If you think you have one I haven't heard I'd love to hear it and add it to my list)

Also I would love to recommend you check out FatMumSlim's Blog, as Chantelle's blog inspired me to start one of my own. Chantelle has a lovely e-book called Let's Give Them Something To Blog About, Very useful for inspiration when you don't know what to blog about.

I will leave you with this little bit about myself for now, and will be sure to share more in coming days, weeks & months.

Dani xx


Anonymous said...

good job, crossing my legs wouldnt of helped, you decided you were coming then not me.

Dani said...

Anonymous (mum)
I do like to do things when I want to do them. I lack patience.


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