Saturday, 30 July 2011

Daily Good Deed!

Answer me this:
Q: How does the owner of a small laundromat drive a Jaguar?

My washing machine is old, slow and always unbalanced. Instead of constantly wrestling with it when trying to do 1 load of washing, I've been finding it easier to go down the laundromat once a week, it takes about 90mins and all washing is washed and dried.

While I was at the laundromat this week the owner arrived, not a talkative man at all, he was in & out before I could say BOO! However what I did notice was the dryer he used. There is 8 dryers total & 7 of those dryers were empty, 3 were out of order. That leaves 4 free working dryers to use. I found it strange at first that the dryer he used was the only occupied dryer, He remover the dried clothes, placed them on the table and put his washing in. But then it hit me, Dryer No.2 is not a hungry money eating evil dryer and he knows this!!!! What other reason could there possibly be?


My problem is the dryers? Those evil money eating dryers usually take about $3 of my money and don't give me any drying time. =o(

A:  I know $3 isn't much, But if you add up how many time's it happens a week/month/year it would add up to a very nice sum. $$$$$$$. (Maths has never been my strong point). Maybe not enough to afford a Jaguar, but still I'm sure it would help right?

So I done my good deed to let people know which dryers are hungry money eaters. That's right! My daily good deed is done & it was as easy as sticking a note to an dryer.



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