Tuesday, 26 July 2011

I {heart} photos

Location: Perth Bell Tower Photo Point

I {heart} Photos.. taking them, sharing them & looking back at them. It's amazing how many memories a single photo can hold, the intense emotions that flood your entire body while looking at that "one special photo".

Location: Home after a terrible morning of rain

To me, photography is an art
 of observation.
It's about finding something
 interesting in an ordinary place...
I've found it has little to do
with the things you
 see and everything to do with
 the way you see them.

Location: Mandurah. This lucky fish got to swim away 

Photography is a way of feeling,
of touching, of loving.
What you have caught on film
is captured forever...
it remembers little things,
long after you have forgotten

Dani xx


Anonymous said...

You are about to enter into a very inportant stage in your adult life, just be sure and allways remeber, mum and the old fart love you and respect everything you do, you everything we wanted and then some. I will sort out a train or transport for the car.xxx

Dani said...

Thank you "old fart"! I guess I'll have plenty of time to do the drive in a few years time. Always people I will want to come back and see. I've looked into transport for the car, only down side is I can't have any belongings in the car.


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