Thursday, 28 July 2011

"Miss X"

I heard from someone tonight, An old friend I had lost contact with and haven't spoken to in a few years. It was strange, but a good strange. It was also difficult, difficult for me to get my words together so they would make sense. For the sake of it we will call her "Miss X", Some people deserve their privacy.

"Miss X" and I were very close friends for a few years, and she was one of the people who made a huge impact on my life. We went through alot together, good times and very bad times, but we always came out the other side, sometimes a little worse for wear.

Young and dumb, isn't that what they say? Well that was us, we made mistakes, alot of them! Sometimes we made mistakes towards one another, sometimes we made them in general. The thing is that in the long run we were always there for each other, always forgave.

If it wasn't for "Miss X" I know for a fact I wouldn't be the person I am today. She taught me so stand up for my self, not to let people use me as a door mat & alot of other things. Two huge events in my life she was there, one we shared and one she was just there to offer advice. I'm not really up to the point yet where I want to talk about these "said" events, but I'll surely link back to this post when I do.

Anyway the conversation was awkward and nerve wrecking. It wasn't the typical situation you would expect from 2 people who haven't spoken in about 4+ years. The friendship didn't end on the best of terms, but I guess I'm just hoping in time we can fix just some of it. We are both very different than we were back then, we have grown, changed and learnt from our mistakes. I hope a closer proximity can start to mend the broken bridges.



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