Friday, 29 July 2011

Little Letters to Myself

Little Letters to Myself

I love the concept to this blog, the miscellaneous ramblings of a 30(ish) y.o chick in [bris]Vegas. Her "ramblings" have meaning, they make you think, feel & smile. The words used are simple & short, but strung together make something beautiful.

A few of my favorite so far are:

"One day you will have to grieve again, but remember grief is like a tunnel- there is an end. Some days will be dark, but at the end there is always light.....The ice has to melt, flowers will bloom again, and it will hurt a little less each day.

These are things you won't let anyone else tell you when it happens....remember you've survived it before. And remember to read this :)"

"As your Daddy gets older and needs to rely on you more, don't EVER get frustrated with him.  Just enjoy every second of having him around :-) "

Please click on her link at the top of the page and check out this blog! It will surely put a smile on your face.

Dani xx


islandgirlAU said...

Wowsers. I am so touched that you did this!!! xx

CantikRedzee said...

:) seriously the whole concept behind your blog is amazing. Alot of your posts have touched me personally. You are very very very welcome!

Dani xx


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